Frequently Asked Questions In Information/Network Security

 Frequently Asked Questions and their weight-age

1. Briefly describe the security services. (8)

2. Explain classical encryption techniques(Steps involved in each encryption technique like Caesar cipher, playfair cipher, hill cipher, vigenere cipher, one time pad cipher, rail fence, etc)

3. Explain about steganography,transposition cipher.

4. Describe the key generation of DES and encryption algorithm(8/16)

5. Explain the various types of cryptographic functions with an example.

6. Explain AES structure

7. Describe the encryption / decryption of Simplified DES /DES (16)

8. RSA algorithm and test for primality (8/16)

9. Explain Elliptic curve cryptography . Explain about the modular arithmetic ,its properties and their uses in cryptographic techniques.

10. Explain the symmetric key cryptography and asymmetric key cryptography with an example.

11. Explain the various ways of distributing the public keys. (key management) (16)

12. Explain the various methods of producing an authenticaton. (16)

13. Write a note on hash function

14. Explain the requirements of digital signatures and also discuss how problems related to digital signaturea are taken care by an arbiter?

15. State the need for authentication protocols and explain any three of them

16. Describe MD5. Compare it with MD4

17. Describe SHA-1

18. Describe RIPEMD/ HMAC algorithms

19. Differentiate version 4 and version 5 of Kerberos. Explain the concept of Realm in kerberos

20. Describe about IP-Security

21. Describe Kerberos version 4. (16)

22. Describe the services provided by the PGP. (16)

23. Explain in detail, the Handshake protocol in secure socket layer. (16)

24. Differentiate SSL & TLS. (8)

25. Describe in detail, the payment processing of SET. (16)

26. Explain in detail the transport layer security protocol in detail. (16).

27. Briefly discuss about e-mail security

28. Explain the various types of firewall. (16)

29. Explain the different firewall configuration. (8)

30. Describe the various ways of combining the security associations. (8)

31. What is the role of Baston host in firewalls?

32. Explain the intrusion detection mechanism

33. Explain the cincept of password protection system

(a) (i) Explain RSA algorithm with an example. (8)

(ii) Write short notes on PEM and PGP. (8)

(b) (i) How does a client C communicate with a server S using Kerberos protocol?Explain. (6)

(ii) What are different types of digital certificate? Explain. (10)

14. (a) (i) Explain the architecture of secure socket layer. (4)

(ii) State and explain different types of firewall mechanisms available .(12)

(a) Draw the block diagram of single round of DES algorithm and explain the processing carried out in each block. (16)

(b) Describe the RSA algorithm and its key generation, encryption and decryption operations. (16)

15. (a) What are the capabilities, limitations and design goals of firewalls? (16)

(b) (i) What are the three types of approaches to providing web security? (9)

(ii) How does IPsec impact the routing architecture required for internet working? (7)

. (a) (i) Explain the conventional encryption process. (8)

(ii) State and explain the different approaches to message authentication. (3)

(iii) What are the requirements of public key cryptography? (5)

(b) (i) Why is PGP popular? Explain the services offered by PGP. (8)

(ii) How the RSA algorithm generates key? (4)

(iii) Explain the authentication dialogue in Kerberos. (4)

14. (a) (i) What are the limitations of firewalls? Explain. (6)

(ii) Person A wants to send a confidential e-mail M to person B. How? (10)

(b) (i) How does SSL work? Explain. (10)

(ii) Write an algorithm for sequence of events for transactions. (6)

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