Find Unique Values After using UNION in select query

It was a scenario when I had to fetch data from 3 databases.

Fetching data was not tough as I had used UNION in the select query but the tough part for me was finding the distinct/unique name from all the 3 databases.

I tried different ways to fetch the distinct name from the database but somehow nothing worked as I was using UNION of  3 databases.

I came up with a simple solution of writing the UNION query in a normal way and then storing the data into an array.

After that, I have used array_unique to find the unique name from all the databases.

$sql= "select id, name from db1.users 
select id, name from db2.users
select id, name from db3.users
//replace db1,db2,db3 with your database names
$res= mysql_query($sql);
$array = array();

while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($res))
	$name=$data['name']; //change the name of the field as per requirement
	$array[] = $name;
$names = array_values( array_unique( $array ) );
$names = sort($names); //sort the field as per requirement 
foreach( $names as $information_source_name ) {
        echo $information_source_name;
        echo "<br>";
// you can also print the data in tabular format using following lines. Dont forget to add <table> tag before and
//after while loop
//echo'<tr style="background-color:#FFFFFF">';
// echo "</tr>";

Code written here is very very easy to understand. But still, if you need any explanation, put your doubts in the comment section given below 🙂

233 thoughts on “Find Unique Values After using UNION in select query

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